It’s a small world !

" Car le monde est tout petit Devant le ciel on se dit Que nous sommes des fourmis Le monde est petit " The 360°x180° panorama I shot in my garden, this time in polar coordinates. It looks like a small planet 🙂 You can see the flash version on my website :

360° Garden

140 photos shot in every direction have been stitched together to create this panorama of my garden. This is the spheric projection, which means it represents the texture of a sphere (360°x180°). It has been made with AutoPano. I have spent hours correctly adjusting the photos of the sky (the clouds had the bad idea […]

Close up

Shot in my garden last month. The flower was not that colorful, so I had to do a HDR post processing to enhance the contrasts, and some levels adjustments with Photoshop. The distortions and chromatic aberration on the right side are due to the bad quality of the macro lens I used.

Hmmmm … tasty !

This afternoon, I climbed the cherry tree in my garden to take this shot. As usual, we have too much cherries for our own use, so we have to call all our friends so they can help us gather (and eat ;)) all the cherries. The cherry tree is a Prunus Cerasus ‘Bigarreau Coeur de […]