I am an open source enthusiast. Most of the code I write now, be it for personal or professional project is available on my github GitHub account.

Ultimate Webshots Converter

Ultimate Webshots Converter (also known under the short name “UWC”), is a Webshots pictures converter.

I started the project back in 2002, when I was in High School. For years, it has been my main hobby and has entertained me a lot. It has been made following a reverse engineering of the Webshots file formats: I spent hours, even days, in front of an Hex Editor to understand how the Webshots files were made, and improve my program. As more and more people downloaded it, they suggested new features, which I took a lot of pleasure to implement and receive feedback on.

The original version was written in Visual Basic, and in 2007 I made a more portable version in Qt/C++.

I do not maintain UWC anymore since 2010 but I would be happy to hand over the maintenance if somebody is interested.